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Converting your WAV audio files into accurate text has never been so straightforward with Smart Scribe! Start using our WAV to text converter now, and effortlessly transcribe any WAV file into written content, benefitting from speedy and precise automatic audio transcription. Take advantage of our 15-minute free trial to experience the power and convenience of automatic audio transcription.
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Are you looking to convert your WAV files to text format?

Whether your WAV audio recording is a professional meeting, a street interview, or a focus group, we perfectly understand your need to find a time-saving solution that allows you to avoid the outmoded manual transcription process consisting of typing. You have come to the right place, as Smart Scribe offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional transcription methods, saving you valuable time and effort!

Our online automatic transcription software quickly converts your audio file into highly accurate text, all at the click of a button, eliminating the need for hours of manual typing or having to wait for someone else to do the job.

How to convert WAV to text?

We have streamlined the process of converting WAV audio files into text. Follow these three simple steps to transcribe your WAV file into text in just a few minutes:

  • Upload your WAV file

    Begin by uploading your WAV file to Smart Scribe. Choose your file from your device or use our intuitive drag-and-drop feature for quick and easy uploading.

  • Select your language

    After your WAV file upload, choose the language spoken in the audio from our list of 30+ languages to transcribe the audio into written text accurately.

  • Download your transcript

    Our automatic transcription service will generate a transcript ready for you to download in your preferred format, including .docx, .pdf, .txt, .odt, .html, .json or .srt.

The advantages of making use of our WAV to text converter

At Smart Scribe, we consider manual transcription as a thankless task utterly obsolete, and strive to offer a cutting-edge automatic transcription solution with a range of features that make it unique:

Fully online solution

Smart Scribe is a Software as a Service (SaaS) fully accessible online from any browser. By eliminating the need for a software download, we ensure you can upload and transcribe your WAV audio using any device, and from anywhere in the world.

Complete editing flexibility

While our WAV to text transcriptions boast incredible accuracy, we understand you may want to make adjustments and amend them. Smart Scribe ensures that every transcript is fully editable, allowing you to modify it as much as needed.

Fast processing

To save you valuable time, we have fully optimized our solution to deliver automatic transcriptions at lightning speed. Smart Scribe can transform your WAV audio into accurate text in just minutes, a game changer compared with the tedious time needed for a manual transcription.

Ease of modification

Amend your transcript effortlessly using our custom-built text editor. All content modifications are saved in real time, allowing you to review the entire document without the risk of losing any change ever made.

Multiple languages

Smart Scribe's WAV to text software supports over 30 languages. Simply select the language spoken in the audio or video file, and our system will automatically transcribe it in the selected language.

Export format choice

When you are ready to download your transcription, choose to export it in one of the various text document formats offered (including .docx, .pdf, .txt, .odt) or as subtitles (.srt). Additionally, you will receive an email with the raw transcript once your WAV has been automatically transcribed.

Exceptional accuracy

Our solution utilizes advanced speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies, providing unmatched accuracy. With audio files in which the speakers talk distinctly, without background noise or overlapping voices, transcription accuracy can reach over 95%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert WAV to text?

Absolutely! Our Smart Scribe Software as a Service is designed for this, to quickly and accurately transcribe WAV files into text. Whether it’s a lecture, interview, or any audio recording, we can swiftly convert it into written text.

How do you convert WAV to text?

Gone are the days of manual transcription. Our automatic transcription solution employs proven speech recognition and AI technologies to understand the content of the audio file and transcribe it into text with a mind-blowing accuracy level. Smart Scribe also handles the punctuation and removes breaks and stutters.

Can I modify my transcript?

Of course! While our WAV to text service provides unequaled accuracy, we understand you may want to edit. To do so, you can use our tailor-made text editor designed to ease proofreading and corrections. All changes are saved in real time so you don’t have to worry about any backup.

Can I convert a WAV file to Word?

Certainly but not only Microsoft Word (DOCX format)! We offer a wide range of formats for your transcription export including PDF, TXT, ODT, HTML, JSON options, and SRT for subtitles.

What languages can I transcribe my WAV into?

Our WAV to text automatic transcription solution is available in more than 30 languages. Select the spoken language in your audio file right before the upload, and our system will transcribe your WAV in this language within minutes

Can I convert a WAV to text for free?

You can assess Smart Scribe’s automatic transcription capabilities through a 15-minute free trial offering full access to Smart Scribe features. Beyond this free trial, we charge a fee per hour of transcription. Refer to our pricing page for more information.

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